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A private boat tour through the Florida Everglades would be an excellent choice for a corporate event.

The Everglades, a vast network of wetlands and waterways, offer a unique and serene setting for guests to experience the natural beauty of Florida. During the tour, participants can expect to see a diverse array of wildlife, including alligators, herons, egrets, and perhaps even the elusive Florida panther.

The knowledgeable tour guides can provide insights into the ecology and conservation efforts of this fragile ecosystem. Such an immersive experience in the Everglades would allow corporate guests to disconnect from the daily grind, foster team bonding, and inspire a greater appreciation for the environment.

Our Tours

Take a Thrill Ride Through the River of the Glass

90 Min Airboat Tour

The 90 min tour is perfect to discover the beauty of the Everglades and encounter the wildlife in its natural habitat.
  • ages All Ages
  • 90 min
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FloridaLove Airboat Tours- 2 hours- in Action 12/2023

2 Hour Airboat Tour

The 2 hour Airboat Tour takes you to a deep dive into the Florida Everglades. It gives you the time to learn about the Everglades Ecosystem, and see the Everglades vegetations and wildlife.
  • ages All Ages
  • 120 min
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Special Occasion for Veterans and First Reponders

School Field Trip

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