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Rate and Tour Tips

Options and Rate

Base price
(includes 2 Riders)
Additional Riders
(After 3rd rider)
1 Hour Tour
  • Adult (Age 13 and Up) - $75 /Rider
  • Youth (Age 7 to 12) - $25 /Rider
  • Child (Age 6 and Under) - Free
1.5 Hour Tour
2 Hour Tour
Base Price
(including 2 riders)
1 H
1.5 H
2 H

Additional Riders Price
(After 3rd Rider)

  • Adult (Age 13 and Up) - $75 /Rider
  • Youth (Age 7 to 12) - $25 /Rider
  • Child (Age 6 and Under) - Free

Tips for a trip

Tour Duration and Experience

The duration of the Everglades tour significantly impacts the depth and breadth of the experience. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect from each tour length:



Regardless of the tour duration you choose, you’ll have the opportunity to witness the beauty of the Everglades firsthand. With a bit of luck from Mother Nature, you may spot alligators, iguanas, snakes, deer, and a vast array of exotic bird species. Each tour offers wonderful photo opportunities, allowing you to capture lasting memories of this unique natural wonder.

%florida love airboat tours near fort lauderdale, west palm beach, boca raton %
%florida love airboat tours near fort lauderdale, west palm beach, boca raton %

What's included?

Tour in Action - Florida Love Airboat Tours

Tips for a trip

What to bring to the tour?


It's a must!! Protect your skin from harmful rays.

Hat / Baseball Cap

Keep cool under the Florida sun

Light Jacket

Just in case the breeze gets chilly

Sun glasses

Reduce glare and eye strain

Sun Umbrella

Portable shade on sunny days during the stops

Drinks and Snacks

Especially when you have kids riders

Don't forget your sense of adventure!

Airboat Adventures

Unforgettable Experiences Shared

Excellent experience

Very knowledgeable guides and we saw at least 20 gators during our trip. Can’t wait to bring the grandson as soon as possible. Response pending
via TripAdvisor
May 3, 2024

First Time In The Everglades

Knowledgeable guide showed us birds, alligators, snakes, and other unusual sites providing history and background on the Everglades. Two hours was the perfect amount of time to spend for first timers. Great experience!
via TripAdvisor
Apr 10, 2024

Alligators, birds, and iguanas - OH MY!

Great trip with Captain J!! Very educational trip of the Everglades coupled with fun stories - but the best part of all was the beautiful introduction to an amazing part of our world. Thank you Captain J!
via TripAdvisor
Jan 26, 2024
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